Co Enzyme Q10 - 30mg

Product Code: 3510
120 Tablets - Heart health, Co-Q10 Helps with general energy and muscle strength levels


Co Enzyme Q10 - 30mg
  • Counter the energy-sapping effects of prescribed cholesterol medication (statins)
  • Helps with general energy and muscle strength levels
  • Helps maintain heart health

Quality Assured:
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • A natural product, free from artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives.
  • Labelled with comprehensive instructions for use, ingredients, traceability data, best before date, European Article Number and contact details for product support, meeting all current UK legislation for natural health products and supplements.
  • Foil-lined packaging with tamper-evident seal.
  • Light-proof, airtight, moisture resistant packaging that will keep your purchase fresh.

Product information, as per label:
Take 1 to 4 tablets daily with a little water
Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. This is a food supplement which is not a
substitute for a balanced diet.

Statin drugs deplete Co Q-10 stores in the body and
therefore supplementation with Co Q-10 may help to replenish these stores. Co Q-10 is
not intended to serve as a replacement for Statin therapy, nor should you discontinue
taking any prescribed medications while supplementing with Co Q-10.

INGREDIENTS: di-calcium phosphate, cellulose, ubidecanenone (CoQ10), magnesium


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  • Product Code: 3510
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