Barmaid Wendy says cheers to Collagen Plus!

Barmaid Wendy says cheers to Collagen Plus!

As a barmaid of more than 50 years standing, Wendy Unsworth is well used to raising a glass in celebration.

But the tipple that gives the sprightly octogenarian most cause for cheer is nothing to do with wines, beers or spirits … it’s a serving of Collagen Plus!

Wendy insists that a daily dose of the renowned health supplement drink has kept her arthritis at bay and enabled her to continue working shifts at the local pub.

“I don’t think it’s helped, I know it has,” says 82-year-old Wendy, of Kirkham, near Preston. “I started on Collagen Plus more than 20 years ago and within no time the problem I was experiencing with my knee swelling up simply went away. 

“I’ve been pain-free ever since, apart from one time when I forget to take it with me on holiday and the knee began aching again. Lesson learned, it’s now top of my packing list.”

Wendy first learned of the benefits of Collagen Plus when she was on duty behind the bar at The Grapes, Wrea Green, where she has worked since the 1970s.

“A couple of the regulars were involved in setting up a new company (ArthroVite) to specialise in collagen-related products. It sounded really good, so I decided to give it a go.

”I was really worried that my arthritic knee would stop me working as barmaids do tend to be on their feet for long spells, but taking Collagen Plus every morning means here I am still serving customers at 82!”

Ironically, one of her former colleagues at The Grapes was a young man called Keith Allum - now the managing director of ArthroVite! 

“Wendy is an institution, a real character who is known and loved by everyone,” said Keith. “She is a walking advert for the benefits of taking collagen and long may she remain active and be able to carry on with her barmaid duties.”