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We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of Collagen supplements.  Arthro Vite are the only company with a UK licence to add Collagen to its food supplements (European Patent 0254289). We believe that Collagen is a vital component for those people in pursuit of healthy bones and joints – it’s just as important as Vitamin C and Calcium.

We offer a natural alternative for people who want to stay healthier and fitter for longer.

Activ Vite and Collagen Plus are the UK's leading brands established in 1994 and are available from many independent health food shops, chemists & wholesalers: AAH, 'The Health Store' and 'Tree of Life'.

Susan Clark, health writer for The Sunday Times "What's the alternative" Style Section in response to a question regarding arthritis supplements & books stated "My own top-rated remedy is Collagen Plus"

Activ Vite & Collagen Plus are the only nutritional supplements available containing Collagen Hydrolysate combined with other essential ingredients in the quantities shown by clinical research to help people care for their joints and bones. 

The supplements have no adverse side affects and can also improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. Both supplements come in powder form and are diluted with water to create orange flavour drinks; this ensures the collagen is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

All orders submitted via our online store benefits from free postage and packaging.

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