Arthur’s 150-day running marathon – at 86!

When sprightly octogenarian Arthur Phillips goes out for a run, nothing gets in his way – not even lockdown.

The remarkable 86-year-old from Glynneath has just completed 150 consecutive days of running …. clocking up a staggering 300 miles!

And he insists that a daily dose of collagen is the secret behind his fitness.

“I decided that a daily run would be the perfect tonic at the start of lockdown and it has just gone from there,” said Arthur. “I’m lucky in that we have a large garden, so I have been able to complete the miles without actually leaving home.

“I haven’t missed a day since lockdown started in late March and have no plans to stop.”

Arthur, the Welsh answer to Captain Sir Tom Moore, has taken ActivVite, a collagen supplement to maintain joint and muscle strength, for a quarter of a century.

“I have been a keen runner all my life, represented my country and taken part in four London Marathons, but when I was 60 I was in agony with pain in my knees. A friend recommended ActivVite and I’ve never looked back. There is no way I would be doing this without it.”

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