Collagen gets Sylvia back on track!

Keen cyclist Sylvia Holden feared her days in the saddle were over.

Sylvia, who lives in Eastham on the Wirral (Merseyside), tore a cartilage in her right knee which an MRI scan confirmed could present major long-term mobility problems.

“I thought I might struggle to walk, let alone cycle, and the pain was excruciating” said 62-year-old Sylvia. “The medical diagnosis was grim.”

But spirited Sylvia found a life-changing answer after a visit to her local health store, the Village Herbarium in Bromborough.

“Linda (Tippey), the owner there, recommended Collagen Plus but advised that I would need to take the formula for at least three months to see maximum benefits,” continued Sylvia. “It’s now three years on and, aside from one minor flare-up, I have never looked back. I go on regular walks and cycle at least twice a week, which is fantastic.

“Without any exaggeration my joint health and general well-being has improved immensely. I cannot thank Linda enough for her help and would strongly suggest that anyone with joint mobility issues to try Collagen Plus – it has changed my life.”

Linda, who has run the Village Herbarium for 14 years, added: “It’s great to see how Collagen Plus has helped Sylvia so much and I have several other customers who have seen real benefits too.”

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