Pete praises ‘miracle’ Collagen Plus!

Feature in renowned lifestyle magazine – 50 Plus (August 2019)

Merseyside radio star Peter Price feared that a chronic knee problem would end his glittering career. But entertainment all-rounder Peter – host of one of the UK’s most popular phone-in shows on Radio City – is back on his feet thanks to a natural collagen health supplement.

And the sprightly septuagenarian is happy to broadcast the benefits of collagen – the most abundant protein in the human body – to anyone ready to listen. “It’s been little short of a miracle,” explained Peter, a comedian, actor, panto star and broadcaster, who shot to fame in the 1970s winning the ITV talent programme New Faces.

“Things improved within a fortnight of adding collagen to my daily regime and I am now completely pain free. I can walk distances, go swimming and carry on life as before which basically involves running from A to B trying to cram 25 hours into every day!”

Peter first experienced problems with his left knee three years ago. Ironically, the advice to try a collagen supplement came from one of the regular guests on his late-night show, renowned Manchester chemist Dennis ‘The Chemist’ Gore, who had been involved when ArthroVite Ltd first introduced collagen to the UK back in 1994.

“Dennis’ is a genius in my book and his first suggestion was to try Collagen Plus, saying it would help keep connective tissue flexible and enable my bones and cartilage to bear weight. It has worked better than even he thought and my X-Rays speak for themselves.”

Peter’s Sunday night show on Radio City. “Pete Price: Unzipped”. Is part of the city’s culture, once attracting 19,000 attempted calls on a single night!

“I love my job and my life, so when the knee issue flared up and the medical diagnosis looked grim I was genuinely worried. The pain was severe, particularly in bed at night when the constant aching would keep me awake for hours.

“My doctor reckoned it would require constant medication, including cortisone injections … probably for the rest of my life. But thanks to Collagen Plus, none of that has been necessary.

“Would it flare up again should I stop taking the collagen supplement – who knows? All I do know is that I have no intention of ever finding out!”

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